My Librarian Life

I never set out to be a librarian.  In fact, all I ever wanted to be for as long as I could remember was a teacher.  First, it must be understood that we were poor. I never ventured further than thirty miles from Elkin, North Carolina where I was born until I was in the eighth grade.  I knew three certain facts about teachers after I started school.  First, they were undoubtedly rich.  They wore better clothes than I did and they went to exotic vacation spots like Myrtle Beach and Disney World.  I could only dream of seeing the ocean one day and Disney World was only for the super wealthy.  Second, teachers were the smartest people in the world.  Any time I had a question about anything at all, my teachers always had the right answers.  Finally, teachers were respected in the community.  If you were a teacher, you were educated, refined, and held positions of authority.  To a kid who lived in a mobile home with a family with tendencies toward brushes with the law, teaching sounded like the mountain top.  So I became a teacher.

For about fifteen years I taught sixth through twelfth grades, mostly English/language arts.  I quickly learned that the assumptions I held about teaching weren’t quite right.  Being rich or poor are relative terms and I learned that I wasn’t as poor as I felt as a kid.  After all, I had a family who loved me and did the best they could under the circumstance.  I realized teachers were, indeed, smart people, but we didn’t have all the answers.  Unfortunately, I learned that in modern days teachers weren’t as respected as they once were.  I reached a point where I decided to leave teaching and try my hand at entrepreneurial pursuits.  When that didn’t work out as well as I hoped, I began working for a private company.  The work was great and the pay was good, but I realized I wasn’t making a difference in the world anymore.  I decided to return to teaching.  Despite being away for a couple of years the stressors of teaching had not changed.  Rather than expect the job to change I decided to reinvent myself.  I began working on my Master’s of Library Science degree.  A whole new world opened to me and I haven’t looked back since.

Now I spend my days reading books across all levels and trying out the latest technology tools .  I’m blessed to have an amazingly understanding wife and soulmate who supports my varied and often frenzied interests.  My children also keep me busy and focused on the things that matter.  This blog is my effort to record my journey and help my fellow librarians/teachers/parents find the right books, technologies, and resources that can make a difference in the lives of children.  I hope you will come with me on this journey of exploration.  Welcome to my life as a librarian!

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